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Moneydance is a complete personal financial management application that protects your privacy while not skimping on features. It supports online banking and bill payment, investment management, budget tracking, scheduled transactions, check printing, detailed graphs and reports, and much more.

Most financial software provides the "service" of uploading your online banking login information to their (or worse, a third party's) cloud service. These services keep your login information and access your financial transactions. Moneydance uses strong end-to-end encryption, meaning the only people who can see your data are yourself and your bank.

The summary screen is an overview of your entire financial picture. Account balances, a calendar of scheduled transactions and reminders, investment account status, exchange rates, and stock quotes, all at a glance.

Moneydance can download transactions and send payments through hundreds of financial institutions. It learns how to categorize and clean up downloaded transactions. Send online payments, for banks that support them, directly from scheduled transaction notifications. See for the full list of supported banks. Please note that some banks charge a monthly fee for their services.

Moneydance 2019 introduces an embedded browser so that you can download transactions from any bank with a web site from within the app. Any downloaded data is imported and cleaned up automatically. No need to jump out to a browser, download files, and then manually load them.

The account register is used to add, edit, and delete transactions in an account. Balance calculations and transaction sorting are done automatically. Payee auto-completion makes it ridiculously easy to enter and categorize your transactions, while the quick-search field helps find those needles in the haystack.

Follow your investments and bring your portfolio into focus with support for stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and more. View the total value of your investment accounts or the performance of individual stocks and mutual funds over time. Stock splits and cost basis computations are a snap, and current prices are automatically.

Easily schedule future or recurring transactions so you'll never miss a payment.

Generate visual reports of your income, expenses, budgets, and investments. Flexible parameters let you customize your reports by period, tags, categories, accounts, and more. Mouse over regions of graphs or double-click on report cells to reveal details. Easily save graphs and reports to images or html files, or memorize their settings for quick access.

Set spending and income targets for categories per month, week or any other interval. View your up-to-the-minute budget status right in the toolbar, on the summary screen or in graphs and reports. Use the highly acclaimed "envelope method" to specify expenses for each period and your status is shown with over-budget items highlighted.

Enable syncing to share your data across computers or mobile devices. Keep up-to-date with partners or accountants over end-to-end encrypted channels for the ultimate security.

Type a transaction description into the search field to have Moneydance cleverly fill in the details. For example, typing "1.23 sta" will suggest a transaction at Starbucks with the "Coffee" category and the last account you used at Starbucks.

Attach images, PDFs, and other files to transactions by dragging them into the register. Attachments are stored fully encrypted, but clicking its icon will decrypt and open it appropriate application.

Use the (free) Moneydance mobile app while on the go to record or edit transactions and view balances. Changes are synced instantly and securely with end-to-end encryption across all of your devices.​

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What's New

* Added detailed check number popup settings, accessible by selecting Edit List from the popup list. This includes a per-account editable list of entries as well as the option to include recent entries from either the same account or all accounts.
* Added Security Price History report
* Added progress indicators and status descriptions to all non-instantaneous import processes, and made long-running imports cancelable
* Performance improvements of long imports
* When importing QIF files from the file chooser, double-clicking a file, or using drag-and-drop, use the currently selected account as the default import destination if the account type is even remotely compatible with the file
* Fix default destination account selection for QIF files with "liability" accounts
* Improved handling of quoted fields in tab/comma/etc delimited text file imports
* Updated report viewer with improved auto-sized column and report widths
* Updated Brazilian-Portuguese translations (thanks Heitor Moreira da Silva!)
* Remove amount sign override for downloaded transactions marked as 'payment' in credit card accounts
* Improve embedded browser compatibility with some banking sites
* Now uses new method for calculating cost and gain for average cost securities, taking stock splits into account
* Tweaks to custom https/TLS used for online banking connections
* Switch most cost and gain reports and graphs for Average Cost securities to use the new calculation method
* Improved report printing clarity, column sizing, and spacing
* Improved text colour contrast in merge-transaction confirmation panel
* Improved register scroll position behaviour, including making it dependent upon the sort order
* When importing downloaded accounts or transactions, the account matching window now has the option to skip subsequent confirmation windows after selecting the destination account
* Improved color theme editor, with more descriptive labels for each color
* Differentiate document file icons from the app icon
* Improved encoding of commas and large numeric values in tab-delimited report exports (and copying to clipboard)
* Date changes on mobile transactions will apply to both normal and tax dates
* Fixed recording of loan account reminders to avoid possible extra zero-amount split when there is no escrow amount
* Fixed printing of account and category lists
* Added intermediate thawte CA certificate for internally-managed connections to Voya
* Hide the overdue section on summary screen if there are no overdue reminders
* Allow automatic category guessing to use transfer accounts as categories if the similarity threshold is high enough
* In cost calculations account for the possibility that a non-zero number of shares adjusted for splits could be zero
* No longer include inactive accounts in the batch-change-account account selector
* Increase buffer size when exporting a backup/archive to significantly speed up shutdown
* Ignore invalid security/currency prices/rates when importing from a QIF file rather than abort the import
* More fully reset sync parameters in old files when loading a file from an archive/backup
* Fix bug when importing Quicken Essentials for Mac files that contained blank category names
* Fix bug in which VAT/GST was applied to reminder transactions even when the checkbox was unselected
* Improved window layout and highlight colors for selected files in the Welcome Window
* Graph/report date range and grouping options now include fiscal years and quarters
* Fixed bug in which undo actions in the python/moneybot window didn't apply to text edits
* Workaround Magic Mouse issue which made selecting accounts from popups or displaying the date picker very difficult
* Remove extraneous historical prices from the base currency upon loading
* Fixed long-standing bug which prevented mouse cursor feedback to show when register columns are resizeable
* Transaction register bug fixes and tweaks

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The Infinite Kind Limited
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